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Losing your home is one of the hardest challenges you may face. Combined with this, the eviction process in California can be stressful and cause undue anxiety for your family. If, for whatever reason, you have fallen behind on your rent or if you have been accused of illegal or disturbing activity, you may have options. Our eviction defense attorneys can help protect your rights and may be able to halt the eviction process, giving you more time to save your home.

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How We Can Help

Knowing your rights as a tenant or a homeowner is the first step in protecting your property. We take the time to learn the particulars of your case and can help you face your landlord, law enforcement, or government agencies.

By law, a landlord is not allowed to do any of the following without court order:

  • Physically remove you or your family from your home
  • Lock you out or change your locks
  • Remove your personal belongings from the property
  • Shut off your utilities
  • Remove your doors or windows in an effort to keep you out

A dedicated lawyer from Atlantis Law may be able to help you. By explaining your options and your rights, you can be better prepared to face your problems head on, allowing you some peace of mind even during this incredibly stressful situation.

Trust in Our Legal Team

With the legal guidance of Atlantis Law on your side, you can rest assured that we are working hard to help you with your case. No one deserves to be homeless, and our attorneys will always keep this fact in mind. Don’t let a landlord bully you out of your home without first consulting with our experienced legal team.

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